All you need to know about our 2nd Annual Stadiums event

All you need to know about our 2nd Annual Stadiums event

Nobody wants an unused stadium, especially after it takes years to build and costs hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. It is bad publicity for the city, shows the incompetency of the local government and stadium owners and lowers the value of the surrounding properties.

Taking place on 27 - 28 February 2018 in Singapore, the 2nd Stadiums and Arenas Asia Summit 2018 will focus extensively on commercialisation and fan engagement, with the main aim of imparting useful strategies on maximizing fan engagement and on implementing useful and cost-effective commercialization strategies for stadium and arena operators in the region.

Hot topics:

  1. Striking A Balance Between Investment Into Fan Welfare Vs Revenue Generation
  2. The Cashless Stadium – Why it Matters to Fans and Important to Operators’ Bottomline
  3. Preventing Over-Commercialization of Stadiums – Why Less is Sometimes More Effective
  4. Mobile-first Fan Engagement Strategy
  5. Driving Fan Engagement in a Digital Age - Does a One-Size Strategy Fit All?

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